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Breads & Crackers

Easy Homemade Five Seed Crackers

Lea brought these tasty crackers to the Spring Potluck in Portland and they were wonderful with her Turkish eggplant dip.

Sun-Dried Tomato Bread/Crackers

A tasty raw bread or cracker made in the dehydrator.

Major Ingredients: 

Nutritarian Cornbread

This tasty cornbread is high in protein and free of sugar and oil.

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Light Teff Sandwich Bread--revised

This has become my daily bread----such a great flavor and hearty texture! I'm revising it to add some seeds, extend the baking time, and point out that it helps to have all the ingredients at room temperature.

Major Ingredients: 

Rye Sprouts Bread

A delicious homemade rye bread done with a breadbaker machine. If you make it with a conventional oven, let us know how it works! This bread goes well with Sharp Cheddar Nut Cheese. If you make the rejuvelac for the cheddar with rye sprouts, you can dry them and use them for part of the flour, as described in the Note section below. The photos show the dried sprouts and ground sprouts as well as the finished loaf.

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Carrot Crackers

A tasty cracker made with carrots, sunflower seeds and flaxseed, with a touch of ginger for pizzazz.

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Yam and Maple Cornbread

A moist and flavorful cornbread. My son could not leave it alone!

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Cranberry Pumpkin Bread

A special treat for the holiday season.

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Bananananda Bread

Margaret sent this tasty spelt bread.

Best Spelt Bread

I am so thrilled to find a spelt bread recipe that works! And is really tasty and moist!
It was developed by Deborah L . Ariedo, Stanwood, WA. I was skeptical that the bread would rise with the yeast mixed into the flour but, lo and behold! it did!-----Margaret

Major Ingredients: 
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