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Applesauce Vinaigrette

A robust, tangy oil-free dressing for your salad or veggie burger.

Major Ingredients: 

Sigirid's Own Biscuits, GF

Sigrid kindly created these tasty biscuits in honor of her gluten-sensitive friends.

Major Ingredients: 

Christel's Banana Apple Maple Cake (GF)

Banana cake made with applesauce and a touch of maple. Christel's daughter especially loves it!

Major Ingredients: 

Oatée Gourmet Cookies

A new kind of oatmeal cookie made with nut butter, applesauce and maple syrup.

Major Ingredients: 

GF Bananananda Bread

Imagine the flavors of banana,walnut, apple, maple, and dates all together in one bread---yum! The original version was made with spelt flour. Here's a version for the gluten-sensitive among us, made with the flours I had on hand.

Major Ingredients: 

Bananananda Bread

Margaret sent this tasty spelt bread.

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