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nut butter

Hearty Hemp Bars

A hearty, nutritious energy bar. I like to keep a supply in the freezer and take one along when I head out for a walk.

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Unbaked Granola Bars

Easy granola bars that are free of sugar, oil, and gluten, and they don't even need to be baked!

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Curried Vegetable-Potato Wok

Sigrid has a gift for spices. If you like curried veggies and coconut, don't miss this one!

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Oatée Gourmet Cookies

A new kind of oatmeal cookie made with nut butter, applesauce and maple syrup.

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies

Here are the wonderful cookies Terri brought to our Winter potluck in 2012. Enjoy!

Major Ingredients: 
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