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Rye Sprouts Bread


Betsy and Gunter

A delicious homemade rye bread done with a breadbaker machine. If you make it with a conventional oven, let us know how it works! This bread goes well with Sharp Cheddar Nut Cheese. If you make the rejuvelac for the cheddar with rye sprouts, you can dry them and use them for part of the flour, as described in the Note section below. The photos show the dried sprouts and ground sprouts as well as the finished loaf.


470 ml 2 c, water
470 ml2 c. rye flour
470 ml2 c. whole wheat flour
240 ml1 c. white flour
30 ml2 Tbsp Vinegar
30 ml2 Tbsp OIl
5 ml1 tsp salt
5 ml1 tsp sugar
2.75 oz chopped onion
5 ml1 tsp yeast


In the bread machine, mix oil, vinegar, sugar and salt into the water, add the chopped onion.

Then put the whole wheat flour in first, evenly spread on top of the liquid, then the rye flour and last the white flour and on the very top the yeast.

After that it is just a matter of pushing the "on" button and not going nuts when the aroma start to permeate the rooms. We have successfully made this in the Zojrushi breadbaker for 12 years or so and I am not sure other machines can handle this amount of flour....g


This bread has two variants so far:
1) Spent grain version: I dried the spent rye sprouts (from making rejuvelac) in a dryer for 24 hrs, then ground them up in our new Vita Mix and used 1/3 cup of this instead of 1/3 cup regular rye flour. Great taste, a bit more moist - perhaps could use a bit less water.

2) Rejuv version: used 1 cup rejuvelac liquid instead of 1 cup water

Major Ingredients: