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Sun-Dried Tomato Bread/Crackers


adapted from Ani Phyo’s Black Sesame Sunflower Bread by Mary C.

A tasty raw bread or cracker made in the dehydrator.


240 ml 1 cup sun-dried tomatoes, soaked until soft; save the water
240 ml1 cup walnuts, soaked
79 ml1/3 cup flax seeds, ground
1/3 flax seeds, whole, unsoaked
1 clove garlic, minced
¼ cup black sesame seeds
¼ tsp sea salt
1 1/3rd cup sun-dried tomato water saved from above


In food processor, mix flax seeds, salt, garlic and sun-dried water. Add walnuts and sesame seeds.

Divide the mixture in two mixtures and spread on Teflex about ¼ inch high.

Dehydrate at 110 degrees for 4 hours, flip and score and dehydrate for another 4-6 hours.


I was unsure about the sun-dried tomatoes and added them to the food processor. This did not turn out well but the taste was excellent, so I will try again with just the tomato water.---Mary

Major Ingredients: