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Free online cooking classes

Thanks to Linda in Portland for letting me know about this ongoing opportunity. Her Meetup group, Plant-Based Portland, is meeting online now, which means you don't need to be in Portland to take part! Here is the link:

Here is what they are doing weekly:
PlantPure Kitchen Live is a FREE weekly online event, live streaming on YouTube.

"Fruits and Vegetables are Trying to Kill You"

Should we really be taking antioxidants? Here is an article that made me question what I always thought was established truth. The author offers reasons to believe that antioxidant supplements may actually interfere with nature's plan for protecting us. He makes the case that we do best to eat plants that have been subjected to stressors such as grazing or drought and developed compounds to survive these threats. When we consume these plants, they stress us as they would other grazers and we are strengthened as a result.

All about food and coronavirus

Thanks to Christel in Germany for sending me this very interesting link relating coronavirus and food. In an 11-minute video, Dr. Neal Barnard explains how our current virus is the great-grandchild of earlier viruses and how viruses originate in animal agriculture. He also explains how bacterial infections are carried into our kitchens in the bodies of chickens, and why antibiotic resistance is also a by-product of animal agriculture.

What about carbs?

Should we worry about carbohydrates? This article delves into the question, explains just what carbs are, and details the history of the low-carb trend. I found it very interesting and eye-opening:

Looking at handprints and mindprints

"Humanity faces an environmental crisis so critical that our survival on earth is in peril. Yet we have another even more urgent problem: most of us go on living as though nothing out of the ordinary is happening. What is wrong with us? Is there something religions could do to spur us to action?"


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