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Enjoying September goodness

Hello Mindful Cooks,

We are welcoming two new cooks to our email circle this time, TJ Christenson, here in Portland, and Lorna Morris in Liverpool, U.K. I was pleased to hear that TJ may be coming to our potlucks, possibly bringing a friend. Lorna loves "being inventive" in the kitchen and is up to the challenge of cooking dishes that will impress the omnivores in the family and help them onto the vegan path. She may be sending recipes to add to our collection!

Four new recipes and cooking as meditation

I'm back --- after most of a month spent anticipating and then celebrating the wedding of our son (who made this website.) Lots of planning,lots of friends, lots of fun, lots of plant-based meals to make! And now ---- four new plant-based recipes to share with all of you.

You may already have discovered the Peach Cream Pie on our website --- a delicious dessert Donna made for our July potluck:
Peach Cream Pie

Earth Holder and PlantPure projects

I have two more recipes from our Summer Potluck for you this time. Donna made a Lemon Meringue Pie using that new idea for meringue --- "aquafaba" ---- using the water from a can of chickpeas instead of eggwhites. It was delicious!
Lemon Meringue Pie

Our group and our recipe collection -- both growing

Our circle is growing ---- George in Pennsylvania is starting a new effort in the Earth Holder Sangha to promote plant based eating and now we have three more Earth Holders joining us: Marge Wurgel in San Diego, Heather Mann in Charleston, South Carolina, and Joaquin Carral in Willimantic, Connecticut. I'm looking forward to learning what plans they have for inspiring more people to eat this way....Laura Raine in Vancouver decided to join us after coming to our recent potluck in Portland, and Joanne Barrett is joining us from New York City. Welcome, everyone!

Positive steps all over the world

My husband made homemade sauerkraut last fall and we are down to the last bottle. It will be hard to wait for the kraut cabbages that only ripen in October. Believe me, homemade kraut is way better than the store-bought kind! For the sauerkraut lovers among us, here is a tasty way to enjoy it:
White Beans with Mushrooms and Sauerkraut


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