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We Are the Earth

As promised, here are two more of the recipes from our Fall Potluck here in Portland ---- Mary's delicious and very simple Beans and Tomatoes Provencale:
Beans and Tomatoes Provencale ---and Benita's melt-in-the-mouth Ultimate Fudge:
Ultimate Fudge

Good times in Portland

We have a new member joining our email circle, Pam in Grafton, Wisconsin. Welcome, Pam!

The Plum Village Cookbook search, and a good month for food events

Our circle is still growing --- Nat Harvyk is adding Puerto Rico to our map! I wasn't sure what to call PR as it is neither a country nor a state. Officially it's the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and an "unincorporated U.S. territory". It's also a beautiful island. Welcome, Nat! Susan Rose is also joining us but I don't yet know where she is. Welcome, Susan! Brooks Koenig is joining us here in Portland. He is involved in Linda's nutritarian group and came to our Summer Potluck last August. Glad to have you with us, Brooks!

New friends and a Plum Village Cookbook question

A warm welcome to three new cooks who are joining our email circle! Cathy Berlot recently joined our Thursday Night Sangha here in Portland:Thanks so much for giving me the info for your mindful cooking group. One of the things that attracted me to Buddhism in general and Thich Nhat Hanh in particular was the animal-friendly nature of the teachings. Best wishes, Cathy

Colors and flavors

Our circle is growing again: Jannette D. of Houston, Texas, is joining us. Welcome, Jannette!

I have two orange-red dishes from our summer potluck for you this week. We had them in the summer, but they could just as well add some fall color to your table now. First is Margaret's bright, refreshing Best Gazpacho: Best Gazpacho


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