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Good things are happening

First a warm welcome to the new members of our circle, Lori Alexander here in Portland, and Ashwani Garg in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Lori works as a pet sitter and animal massage therapist -- I can just imagine the bliss ;-) Ashwani is adding a new state for us, our 31st! He is in charge of the twitter account for Dharma Voices for Animals and he promises to "tweet" about our group there. His enthusiasm for DVA got me to sign up so I'm sure to be hearing more about this very upbeat project:
Ashwani says: "In Chicago we have a very small sangha called Fierce Compassion Sangha based in traditions of Thich Nhat Hanh with meetings twice a month, always there's a vegan tea with vegan potluck treats and tea."

We have three new recipes this time, two from our last potluck, Laura's delicious Coconut Curry Lentil Soup: Coconut Curry Lentil Soup
and Sigrid's tasty, healthy Apricot-Almond Bars: Apricot-Almond Bars (Vegan, Gluten-free, Sugar-free)

Our third recipe comes from Glenn in Colorado, Curry "Pork" Fried Rice made with beets, which gives it an unbelievable bright color--- take a look!
Glenn says, "I am not a fan of beets, yet this dish has them lose the taste I do not care for and makes a delicious meal."
Curry "Pork" Fried Rice

I heard from Betsy in California recently, who says:
Hi Eve. Just got back from Sweden and since you enjoy new ideas, I thought the group would be interested in this new program. I signed up for it and have no idea when someone will contact me. betsy

This sounds familiar. Is anyone else acquainted with Vegan Outreach? They are doing a real service in spreading the word about veganism.

Sigrid here in Portland sent this news about Veggie Grill (one of my favorites) which is expanding and causing the business world to take notice :
A vegan fast-casual chain you've never heard of is expanding nationwide — and that should scare legacy brands

I also heard from Christel in Germany, who sent an interesting article on "superfoods":

What a kind world we are becoming --- people becoming voices for animals, offering them a massage (!) and educating humans about them ---- all while powered by plant-based food, both in fast-food form and homemade deliciousness from recipes on our own website. We are certainly part of a big wave.

I'll end with this message about Thich Nhat Hanh, who inspired our project in 2007 and whose own "fierce compassion" inspires us always. Mindi in Manzanita sent a link to an article about Thay's visit to Thailand to meet with one of his disciples, which was a very happy occasion for both of them. The trip up the mountain is bound to make you smile::

Happy cooking,

P.S. Don't forget we have a PlantPure page --- feel free to post your ideas and discoveries there for all of us:

P.P. S. I am leaving soon for a couple of weeks. If you send an email, please don't be discouraged if it takes me awhile to respond ;-)