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Of green tomatoes, ugly produce and several new books

In my last letter, I asked what to do with green tomatoes, and I bet you are all wondering what I learned. Here's what Donna suggested:
brush with olive oil and garlic, pinch of salt and roast in the oven and then sprinkle with nutritional yeast. I think you might be so pleasantly surprised at taste and texture! Enjoy! donna

What can I do with green tomatoes?

Heather D. is joining us from Longview, WA. She's doing the Veg Challenge through NWVEG with our own Linda in Portland as her mentor. Welcome, Heather, and good luck with the Challenge. There are 215 of us now, cheering you on!

This and that

We have two newcomers in our circle this week, Bret here in Portland and Maria in Salem, Oregon. Welcome Bret and Maria!

We also have two new recipes on our website. Those of us in Portland got to taste these at our summer potluck and can confirm they are good! Here is Diane's Gazpacho:
And here is Ruth's Brazilian Succotash:
Brazilian-Style Succotash

Making a difference

We have two New Yorkers joining our group this time, Laurie Stedman from Albany and Sophia Bae in New York City. Sophia was inspired to look us up when she tasted the excellent plant-based meals at a Blue Cliff retreat. She told me "The food during the retreat was so delicious, even my 10 year old was enthusiastic about it." I hope our recipes can keep that enthusiasm going! So glad to have you both with us, Laurie and Sophia.

Sad cows, cute veggies and hope for the future

We have a new cook joining our circle --- Marc Wortsman, a member of the Green Island Sangha in Merrick, New York. Welcome, Marc!

I hope you will enjoy the Fresh Peach Tart I brought to our summer potluck a few weeks back. It's probably not too late to find good peaches and try this before the summer is over:
Fresh Peach Tart


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