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Crocodiles, sauces and thoughts on fat-shaming

Our circle is growing ---- Sue Dibbs is joining us from the Northern Territory in Australia. She says "I’m a vegetarian of many decades standing, primarily because of love of animals - love gardening, retired but involved in garden and local pet welfare activities. We live in Darwin, right at the top of Australia. Full tropical climate and gardens. Closer to SE Asia than to the south of Australia. Looking forward to some interesting recipes."

Beans for Beef

I'm just back from a trip across several states by train, returning by plane, which brought me up to date on the state of the food situation for traveling vegans----and I'm pleased to report that it's better than expected. Amtrak had vegetarian options at every meal (we had to bend on eggs and dairy) ---and Alaska Air offered a box of vegan-gluten-free-kosher items --- the first time we have seen the word "vegan" on an airline menu. We didn't need the box but almost bought it just to show our appreciation! We don't travel much but came home with renewed sympathy for those who do.

A quick slideshow on vegan nutrition

I just realized I've let 3 weeks go by since my last letter --- I'm blaming it on the garden, and guessing that many of you are similarly distracted by the wonders of springtime and the joy of putting plants in the ground.

We have a new cook joining our circle -- Dianne Bassett, who just moved from southern California to Vancouver, WA. Welcome, Diane!

Here is the next recipe from our April potluck in Portland, Sally's delicious Moroccan Eggplant:
Moroccan Eggplant

A potluck of plant-based projects

Fourteen of us gathered in Portland recently for our Spring Potluck, hosted by Cathy and Tom, who provided a magnificent view of Mount Hood from their living room window. We had a splendid meal while getting up to date on everyone's food discoveries and activities.

A few thoughts and links

First a warm welcome to Hilary G. who lives here in Portland. I met Hilary in my yoga class and was delighted to learn that she also has a vegan website, called How to Escape Heart Disease. You might enjoy seeing the video of her husband who did just that. I'm so pleased that she is joining us! Here is what she said:
... I had a good time browsing your site and looking at your blog and recipes. It's so wonderful how you are connecting people all over the world. I really like
what you are doing!! Thanks, Hilary


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