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Plant-based parenting event and more

Hello Mindful Cooks,

Here is an unusual kale salad for you. The kale is accompanied by beets, cashews and seeds and the dressing includes avocado, nutritional yeast and blueberries --- an unlikely combination but I can confirm it's delicious. I got to taste it at our last potluck:
Kale Salad with Avocado Goddess Dressing

A note from Plum Village

Hello Mindful Cooks,

I'm back in town and happy to let you know about two more special dishes from our Spring Potluck. You could begin your meal with Lea's special Turkish Eggplant Dip spread on her Homemade Five Seed Crackers:

Of faith and the treatment of animals

Our new recipe this time comes from Aurora in Connecticut, her hearty kale salad recipe which is a meal in itself --- imagine kale with black beans, corn, salsa. and tortilla chips:
Aurora's Splendid Kale Salad

Of cheeses and the Coumadin question

First, a warm welcome to Kimella Hilliard in Saanichton, BC, Canada! Kimella learned about our project through the potluck article on the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation Website. She says, " As I am transitioning to a more plant based diet, I was excited to find a resource that supports my practice and inspires my creative juices to healthier eating. Thank you for adding me to your circle.
A bow and a smile, Kimella

The joy of mangoes

Here in Portland, we had our Spring Potluck last weekend. We had a great time together and the food was remarkable -- you will be getting all those recipes before long. This time we talked about difficulties in spreading the plant-based message, including the problem of media bias. We wondered why the morning news features a BBQ Week but never a Broccoli Week and why the local paper leans so heavily in the meat direction. Linda found a recipe there for Salted Caramel Bacon Bread Pudding, loaded with bacon, eggs, butter, whipping cream and sugar.


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