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Amazing Cheese Sauce for Queso, Macaroni & Cheese, etc.

I'm still astounded by this recipe - even after making it a dozen times! This is wonderful on veggies, in casseroles, as a queso dip, on nachos, etc. You might like to add some sliced avocado chunks and/or black beans if you make it into queso. It keeps well in the fridge for a few days, and it's delicious cold.

The recipe can easily be scaled up. We usually double it.

Roasted Potato and Fennel Soup

A flavorful combination of potatoes, fennel and onion.

Major Ingredients: 

Vegan "Weight Loss" Vegetable Soup

This is a delightfully tasty and healthful soup. Chock full of hearty vegetables and delicate seasonings to keep your taste-buds joyous and your tummy content!

Mike's Own Vegan Chili

A nice staple food to help warm the bones on a cold day.


Rice-cake Rolls

Small, tasty rolls of seasoned vegetables and tofu with hoisin sauce.

Potato-Fennel Soup

A wonderfully tasty, comforting soup for a cold day.

Major Ingredients: 

Creamy Celery-Parsnip Soup

I like cream soups--true comfort food for me. But usually they are made with cream or milk and flour to thicken them. If you are wanting not to eat so much of these that's a problem. I stumbled upon this solution recently - PARSNIPS! They are delicious and give the soup a creamy texture when blended. Here's the recipe for Creamy Celery-Parsnip Soup:

Major Ingredients: 

Veggie Stir-fry with Golden Sauce

This easy supper can be made with any veggies that lend themselves to a stir-fry.

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