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Pistachio Sweet Pea Torte (simplified)

This savory torte is a great company dish and a perfect Thanksgiving entree. I found the original recipe hard to read so am offering this simplified version.

Major Ingredients: 

Pistachio Sweet Pea Torte (original version)

A hearty and flavorful loaf made with pistachios, peas, rice and zesty seasonings!

Major Ingredients: 

Vegan "Weight Loss" Vegetable Soup

This is a delightfully tasty and healthful soup. Chock full of hearty vegetables and delicate seasonings to keep your taste-buds joyous and your tummy content!

Potato, Cauliflower and Pea Curry

"Another knockout Indian recipe" featuring cauliflower and potatoes made colorful with peas, tomatoes, and turmeric. Serve it all over hot rice.

Major Ingredients: 

Green Pea Salad

The sunflower sprouts add protein to make it hearty and the unusual dressing is very tasty.---Eve

Major Ingredients: 

Bright Green Pea Soup

This soup is a favorite of mine. One of its virtues is that it can be made at the last minute. Another is its cheerful shade of green The brightness of the color will vary depending on the stock you use.

Major Ingredients: 
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