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Coconut Apple Bars (Raw!)

Very tasty energy bars made of all good stuff.

Major Ingredients: 

Coconut/CocoaNibs Cookies, GF

This was another experiment of mine. My son especially liked that the cookies were not too sweet and a little crunchy.----Sigrid

Major Ingredients: 

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Rich Crumbly Coconut Wedges

Almonds, cashews and coconut come beautifully in this dessert. Sigrid created it for our Fall Potluck.

Major Ingredients: 

Chocolate Coconut Raw Brownies

A fudgy, nutty brownie that needs no baking!

Major Ingredients: 

Energy Orbs

A very healthy, wonderful snack food. We keep a batch in the fridge for random snacking and take them on hikes and bike trips. Or you can have a few for dessert after any meal.

Major Ingredients: 

Faith's Blender Breakfast

A creative approach to breakfast.

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