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Caribbean Rice

A colorful combination of rice, beans, squash and chard with curry flavors.

Major Ingredients: 


This spicy paella was featured as part of Justina's Spanish-themed Christmas dinner.

Major Ingredients: 

Tempeh Rice Salad

Betsy's latest tempting tempeh dish!

Major Ingredients: 

Brown Rice Salad with Dates and Oranges

A rice salad with sweetness and tang from dates, oranges and scallions.

Major Ingredients: 

Brown and Wild Rice, Walnut & Cranberry Salad

A flavorful salad combining two kinds of rice with the crunchiness of walnuts and snow peas and the tang of orange and mustard.

Major Ingredients: 

Rice with Lemon-Tahini Sauce

Imagine the lightness of rice, the heartiness of a high-protein sauce, and the spark of garlic and lemon, all in one dish.

Major Ingredients: 

Almond-Rice Burgers

The crunch of almonds amid the softness of rice and beans. These tasty burgers may be served on their own or with a chutney or made into a sandwich. I served mine between slices of toast with Vegenaise and sauteed onions.

Major Ingredients: 

Nutty Jasmine Rice

A special, flavorful rice variation.

An Imitation of Arthur's Portobellos & Chard Over Rice

Imagine juicy chunks of mushroom, steamed chard and flavorful rice---- a popular dish at our June potluck.

Major Ingredients: 

Tempeh Kheema

This Indian-spiced combination of veggies and marinated tempeh is a favorite in our family.---Eve



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