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Curry "Pork" Fried Rice

I am not a fan of beets, yet this dish has them lose the taste I do not care for and makes a delicious meal. --- Glenn

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This spicy paella was featured as part of Justina's Spanish-themed Christmas dinner.

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Glenn’s Famous Enchilada Casserole

This recipe has evolved over time. As Glenn (my husband), did the “evolving”, I named it Glenn’s Famous Enchilada Casserole! The key to this being amazing is to buy fresh corn tortillas at your local tortilleria. Those that have sat in the grocery store for a few days are just NOT the same. Have water with you and buy extra, because you will be eating the warm, yummy tortillas on the way home!

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Winter Vegetable Potpie

Comfort food for a cold winter's night. This potpie is a favorite in my family.

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Wheat Cutlets in Mushroom Gravy

This is one of our favorite easy suppers. I picked up the recipe at a restaurant in Victoria, B.C., and tweaked it a little. If you are new to seitan, it's made from wheat, magically transformed into tender, tasty morsels. Look for it in the cooler section. At New Seasons it comes in a blue box, made by White Wave.

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