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Green Mashed Potatoes Deluxe


Joe made it up

This recipe is really delicious, nutritious, and easy to fix. It keeps very well in the fridge with none of the mouth-blanching starchiness of your grandma's day-old mashed potatoes. My petite daughter will eat it by the pound. Contains copious green onions and garlic, so you probably don't want to eat it before the Prom.---Joe


3-lb Yukon gold potatoes*
1-lb asparagus, rinsed and tough bottoms cut off**
2 or 3 vegetable bouillon cubes, or equivalent***
2 heaping tbsp. minced garlic
A little olive oil
A good wallop of Vegenaise salad dressing, kind of vegan Miracle Whip, about the volume of butter that would be called for in a regular mashed potato recipe.
A bunch of green onions, cleaned and tough skin removed, chopped into about 1/2" pieces


. Wash and remove the eyes and scars from the potatoes, then cut them into pieces about 1/2" thick. This speeds boiling and helps the bouillon flavor permeate the potatoes. I leave the skin on.

2. Put potatoes in a suitable pan, almost cover with water and crumble the bouillon cubes among them, then put them on to boil.

3. Put the asparagus in a suitable container, add a little water, and microwave about 7 minutes, so it is still just-crisp, not overdone.

4. Heat about 1 tbsp olive oil in a small frying pan, then add the garlic and stir fry until it browns. Set aside

5. Put the asparagus in a food processor or blender, and run it till there are no more chunks

6. When the potato slices break apart with the insertion of a fork, turn off the heat. Pour out most of the remaining water/bouillon; if you save it, it can be used to flavor another dish, such as being used to boil white rice or a green vegetable.

7. Put the Vegenaise, garlic, onions and asparagus in a bowl with the potatoes and mash them up together; add other seasonings you may desire. When it's all mixed up, it is ready to serve.


*--these, and occasionally reds, are the potatoes I use for everything except traditional baked or twice-baked potatoes. I think they are less starchy than baking potatoes or russets.
**--A lot of other ingredients would be good in place of, or in addition to, the asparagus. Broccoli or squash, for instance, and pieces of quartered good tomatoes would make it a one-dish meal/potato salad.
***--there are both vegan and not- varieties in good stores-- WARNING: Most instant bouillons in the store have MSG, and the less of that stuff the better.

Major Ingredients: 


I made this recipe with 12 oz. of broccoli in place of the asparagus. To avoid some clean-up, I skipped the blender step and just chopped the steamed broccoli on a cutting board. I mashed the potatoes and other stuff first, then folded in the broccoli. It turned out well and the next day I shaped the leftovers into patties and fried them for lunch----yum!