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green onions

Cashew Goo ( a kind of mayonnaise)

A highly flavorful mayonnaise from Joe, whose description is "wow!"

Major Ingredients: 

Indian Potato Salad

A potato salad with pizazz. Faith says," Can it get any better? Maybe, but I can't imagine! ...You will be famous if you bring this to a potluck."

Major Ingredients: 

Green Mashed Potatoes Deluxe

This recipe is really delicious, nutritious, and easy to fix. It keeps very well in the fridge with none of the mouth-blanching starchiness of your grandma's day-old mashed potatoes. My petite daughter will eat it by the pound. Contains copious green onions and garlic, so you probably don't want to eat it before the Prom.---Joe

Major Ingredients: 

Tabouli, or not tabouli? That is the question.

"This is a dish whose variations have never failed that I know of. Its ethnic background stretches from approximately Lebanon to New Orleans to the Punjab. Probably not too different from what a lot of you put together, but I use some cheater ingredients that add something. And how I make it depends on what's in season."--Joe

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