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Cheddar Melt

Susan says, "This is the best vegan nacho sauce I've tried. I found that it tastes better when it's still warm (or warmed after chilling), but try it in other applications where you want a cheese sauce--it has the right texture."

Queso Dip - Audress’ Fav

A rich white-bean and tahini dip that was popular with Justina and Glenn's friend, Audress.

Versatile Veggie Cream Sauce

This is a very versatile sauce that can have any number of veggies added to it. Pour it over mushroom-tempeh crepes, or add it to the filling, or use it wherever you would like a creamy sauce.

Major Ingredients: 

Sharp Cheddar Nut Cheese

A rich-tasting hard cheese that can be sliced or melted. This recipe takes some time: the rejuvelac takes 2 days to make, and then the cheese needs 1 to 3 days of aging to develop the sharp flavor. Betsy assures us that it's worth it! That tempting loaf of bread in the photo is a rye that includes leftover sprouts from making the cheese: Rye Sprouts Bread

Nacho Cheese

A spreadable cheese with a cheddary flavor, good with crackers or on bread. I made a sandwich by spreading some on two slices of bread and putting apple slices between---yum!

Major Ingredients: 

Walnut Parm

A handy condiment to sprinkle on pasta dishes.

Major Ingredients: 

Golden Macaroni Casserole

An easy, satisfying "comfort food" supper.

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