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Easy Vegan "Cheeseballs"

I made these vegan „cheeseballs“ recently for my parents and my husband and they liked them. So, maybe you will enjoy them too ----Christel

Major Ingredients: 

Homemade Cheesy Sauce Mix

A handy mix to have on hand when you want a nearly-instant cheesy sauce. I began with Miyoko Schinner's DIY Box Macaroni and Cheese recipe, which was intended to appeal to children. I changed the proportions, left out the sugar, and added some cayenne for a grown-up version.

Major Ingredients: 

Tofu Feta

An easy way to make feta cheese.

Major Ingredients: 

Cashew Parm

An excellent, cheesy vegan parm that's good on mixed veggies, split pea soup, pasta dishes and just about anything.

Major Ingredients: 

Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Cheese

A special cashew-based cheese that takes some time, but you will enjoy the anticipation! Betsy says, "Even just the plain cashew cheese is wonderful and creamy and can be used in a ton of various ways."

Major Ingredients: 

Easy Tofu Ricotta

It's very exciting to have not one, but two, versions of this soft cheese that is an important ingredient in many southern Italian dishes. Miyoko's other recipe, for almond ricotta, is listed separately.
Miyoko says: "This version of ricotta, which can be made in a jiffy, is a fine filling for lasagne, stuffed pasta shells, calzones, and other such dishes. The recipe is for a basic, plain ricotta, but you can enhance it by adding garlic, herbs, and olive oil, as in the variation."

Makes about 2 1/4 cups

Major Ingredients: 

Almond Ricotta

Miyoko says: "Whether this creamy ricotta is used in lasagne or ravioli, no one would guess that it's made from almonds. It looks amazingly like dairy ricotta and hs a similar texture to boot: fluffy with a slight graininess. It's delicious in all sorts of savory dishes and desserts, but I also recommend trying it on its own as a spread for your morning toast with a bit of jam. It's wonderful just like that."

Major Ingredients: 

Betsy's Spicy Cheese Sauce

Here is a new recipe I came up with last night for our black bean burritos. It's quick and easy and would go well over a roll up or on pasta or wherever you would like a spicy, creamy sauce.----Betsy

Major Ingredients: 

Sesame Parmesan Cheese

Here is a parmesan recipe, easy to make and tasty and on top of a raw tomato-sauce with zucchini - spaghetti ( made with a spiralizer) or zucchini-tagliatelle (made with a potato peeler or a mandoline.) It is something delicious for hot summer days. I found the recipe on Tiffany's blog: -----Christel

Major Ingredients: 

Brazil Nut Cheeze Ball

An easy "cheeze" ball for your holiday party: cashews and Brazil nuts blended with nutritional yeast and a zesty dose of garlic and lemon juice.

Major Ingredients: 


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