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Food and footwear

Hello Mindful Cooks,

We have a new member of our circle: Daniel D is joining us from Sterling, VA. Welcome, Daniel!

There are two new recipes on our website since I last wrote, both from our Winter Potluck. Here is Cathy's Festive Kale Salad:
Festive Kale Salad with Sweet Apple Cinnamon Vinaigrette & Pecan Parmesan

Pomegranate salad, pet food solutions & an Indian dessert

Hello Mindful Cooks,

We have two new cooks joining our circle this week, Elizabeth T, in Raleigh, NC, and Terry D here in Portland. Welcome, Elizabeth and Terry! There are 217 of us now.

Maybe you remember my last letter featured a recipe for Coconut Braised Chickpeas with Spinach and Sun Dried Tomatoes -- and it ended with a poem. I had several responses:

Valentines for us and our animal kin

February is the time when we celebrate love! Here's a little video sent by Alison in New Hampshire about love between species. My special favorite is the cackling goose, running so eagerly into the arms of her beloved. Hope you enjoy it -- less than 2 minutes.

A new voice for us!


Eve is taking a short sabbatical, and she invited me to compose this letter to you and the others on our world-wide mailing list. My name is SUSAN BLISS, and I’ve been a part of the Portland potluck group of mindful cooks almost since it started in 2008.


Our e-mail list has expanded again, and this time we are glad to add two Coloradans, MELANIE WARREN, from Boulder, and DEBBIE REID from Centennial. In her letter to Eve, Melanie asked for hands-on help as she works toward adopting a plant-based diet.

New possibilities in this new year

I have so much to share with you this time. First comes a recipe for green beans and onion rings from Linda here in Portland. I got to taste this dish at Thanksgiving and can confirm how good it is, but it was gone before I thought to take a picture! I hope whoever makes it next will snap a photo and send it in:
Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Onion Rings


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