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What about carbs?

Should we worry about carbohydrates? This article delves into the question, explains just what carbs are, and details the history of the low-carb trend. I found it very interesting and eye-opening:

Looking at handprints and mindprints

"Humanity faces an environmental crisis so critical that our survival on earth is in peril. Yet we have another even more urgent problem: most of us go on living as though nothing out of the ordinary is happening. What is wrong with us? Is there something religions could do to spur us to action?"

A novel solution to the climate problem

At a time when our government is refusing to acknowledge climate change, it's good to know that our individual efforts can make a difference, in fact a very big difference. Researchers have calculated that if everyone substituted beans for beef, this change alone would achieve 46 to 74% of the greenhouse gas emissions set as a goal for 2020 by President Obama. Here is the whole story:

Taking Our Pulses

Good news --- pulses can help the climate! This article recently came to me (by way of the Plant-Powered Earth Holders) --- Your Hummus Habit Could Be Good for the Earth:

Free Events Associated With PDX VEG Challenge

Hello Mindful Cooks!
Those of you living in or near Portland, Oregon may be interested in attending one or more of the events associated with the PDX VEG Challenge.
They are all free, but we would appreciate it if people sign up in advance so we know how many to expect. Here they are:


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