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Cashew Whipped Creme or Frosting


Vegan Fusion World Cuisine, M. Reinfeld & B. Rinaldi---tweaked by Susan

A quick and easy cashew creme that's thick and sweet enough to use wherever you want a whipped cream or frosting effect. Susan used it in this photo: Pumpkin Cheesecake with a Hint of Chocolate


240 ml 1 cup cashews
160 ml2/3 cup coconut milk or more to achieve desired consistency
79 ml1/3 cup dates
2 ml1/2 teaspoon vanilla


1. Place cashews, dates and vanilla in a blender or food processor with 1/2 cup coconut milk and process until smooth adding coconut milk as necessary until mixture is smooth and still thick.

2. Place mixture in refrigerator for 20 minutes or more before using on a cake or other dessert. For a decorative whipped cream effect, pipe the mixture through a pastry bag or use a plastic bag with a small hole cut in the tip.

Major Ingredients: