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Alison's Agar-Vegan Dessert Gelatin

A delicious low-calorie gelatin flavored with “Dandy” Herbal Beverage coffee substitute and stevia.

Major Ingredients: 

Provolone Bean Cheese

"Provolone Bean Cheese is a mild, firm cheese, similar in form and texture to the Mozzarella Bean Cheese, but with a slightly different flavor. It makes a good sliced filling for sandwiches. David Gabbe's [not] Salami Cheese is similar but more highly seasoned."---Susan

Major Ingredients: 

Mozzarella Bean Cheese

"Mozzarella Bean Cheese is a mild and firm cheese that melts somewhat. I grated it onto a pizza and it was fine, but not stretchy like the cow-based cheese."---Susan

Major Ingredients: 
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