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Savory Oatmeal

Oatmeal rises to a whole new level! This savory breakfast really wakes up your tastebuds and starts your day with a hearty meal.

Major Ingredients: 

Steel Cut Oats

A very easy, very healthy breakfast that can be varied in many ways.

Major Ingredients: 

Crunchy Buckwheat Banana Granola

A crunchy, nutritious granola that reminds me of the texture of Grape-Nuts, a cereal I had as a child. Enjoy it by the handful, in thin crispy bars or in a bowl with non-dairy milk or yogurt.

Major Ingredients: 

Raw Apple Buckwheat Granola

A tasty granola that happens to be free of gluten, oil, and sugar! Have it for breakfast or cut it into snack bars for any time.

Major Ingredients: 

Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding

The texture, much like a fine tapioca, and the coconut flavor are a sublime match making this dish just right for a Special Occasion Breakfast or, with added sweetener, a dessert. Either way, its interesting garnishes make the pudding even more delightful.

Tofu Scramble

This is a simple but flavorful breakfast recipe that can be used for any meal-breakfast is good any time of day after all! Using the turmeric brings egg-like color to the tofu, as well as a bit of spice.

Dutch Breakfast Sandwich

A typical breakfast from Jana's kitchen----toast with peanut butter and banana. Yum!

Major Ingredients: 

Quinoa Banana Porridge

This high-protein breakfast is light and fluffy when done in a food processor and grainy but still tasty when mashed by hand.

Major Ingredients: 

Tofu Breakfast Casserole

"This is such good stuff, and can be made ahead, and then cooked the next morning for breakfast (or lunch or for dinner). We did that for Thanksgiving, and will likely do that for Christmas morning as well, it’s such a treat! We really like it with Gimme Lean sausage (vegan) rather than his suggestions. Every time we’ve made it, we say “let’s freeze some to see how that works” – but we always eat it first! If someone manages to freeze some, I’d like to know how it thaws and tastes later!" --Justina

Major Ingredients: 

Portabello Benedict

If you love Portabellas and crave something unique and wonderful for breakfast, brunch, or dinner, this is a recipe that you will definitely want to try! This is definitely elegant enough for company, or to impress your friends at a potluck. There are several steps to it, but none of them are complicated. Please note that we substituted the Hollandaise sauce from the Tofu Benedict recipe, as we preferred it over the Hollandaise sauce that was with this original recipe. Should you have any leftover (rare at our house!) try it on green veggies.


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