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A book, a movie and success with soy yogurt

We have two more cooks joining our email circle this week----Denise Levesque in Bolton, Massachusetts (a new state for us!) and Shana Groseclose here in Portland (whom I met at Donna's showing of Cowspiracy). Welcome, Denise and Shana! We hope you will join the conversation----send us your thoughts and your favorite recipes. If you have any kitchen questions, there are 129 of us now and I'm sure someone will have an answer.

"Social Danger" and other potluck talk

Last Monday we celebrated our 19th potluck in Portland. Inspired by Jana's picnic in the Netherlands, Susan planned our first-ever picnic in a park, and it was a great success! Nancy prepared her potluck dish on the spot: tomatoes from her garden, sprinkled with Blackened Spice. She kindly ...

People, Picnics and Pizza

We have a new member joining our email circle, Surya-Patricia Lane Hood in Phoenix, Arizona. Welcome, Surya-Patricia! Now we have two people in Arizona. I don't know which town Susan Patterson is in----are you reading this, Susan? Please let me know where you are----who knows, maybe you are neighbors!

We have another of us on the map by name---Susan Bliss here in Portland. The more names, the friendlier...

A novel guacamole and a cure for the doldrums

We have two new cooks joining our email circle----Mary Buckley here in Portland and Rita Holden in Honoka'a, Hawaii---a new state for us! You can see it on our map, out there in the middle of all that water. If you put your cursor on or near the teardrop and zoom in...

Inglorious fruits and other odds and ends

Lots of news this week, including two recipes I haven't entered on the website yet. Here they are, no link needed:
From Christel in Germany:
here is a parmesan recipe, easy to make and tasty and on top of ...


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