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A worldwide group, a local potluck, and an article in the Bell!

Hello Joyful Cooks,

We have a new member in our email circle, Paula Profeta. Welcome, Paula! Please let us know your place on the planet so we can add your spot to our map. Maybe this is a good time to reassure all the shy ones----telling us your town, state and/or country won't allow anyone to send mail, knock on your door, or whatever. It's just fun to see where we all are, all over the Earth. There are 136 of us now, connected through this mailing list and our shared enthusiasm for good food.

A soup, a movie and a potluck

First, a warm welcome to Jan Nergard who is joining our circle and adding a new country for us----Norway! He learned of our project through my recent article in the Mindfulness Bell. He is new to plant-based cooking and hoping to find some "good and simple" ideas----a goal I know is shared by many of us. And---late-breaking news----a warm welcome also to Vinh Nguyen who is joining us from Saigon, Vietnam!

Our far-flung group

We have four new upside-down teardrops on our map----our 4 new cooks are adding 4 new cities and 2 new countries to our email circle! A warm welcome to Leonie Baldwin in Borris, Ireland, Susan Hadler in Washington, D.C., An Khanh in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Kevin Hearth in Poole, United Kingdom!

Leonie, our second member in Ireland, says, "I come from a sangha here in SE Ireland - Anam Cairde (Soul Friends) Sangha - who laughingly call ourselves the Gourmet Sangha! because our monthly mindfulness days are graced with wonderful shared lunches."

The "Rice-bucket Challenge" and a few other things

My joyful cucumber plant has been giving us foot-long cukes in abundance, inspiring me to find cucumber recipes. These two surprised me-------Cool White Bean and Cucumber Soup and an even more novel idea----a refreshing salad dressing made from pureed cucumber!---both posted below. Does anyone else have cucumber ideas? We discovered that almond butter and cucumber sandwiches are delicious.

Around the world with the intrepid culinary adventurers

This week's recipe comes from Betsy, who made Miyoko Schinner's Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Cheese. Besides providing the recipe, Betsy kindly wrote an account of her experiences with the book, Artisan Vegan Cheese, for our Active Discussions. Scroll down below the map for the Active Discussion on Artisan Vegan Cheese and then look over on the right under Recipe of the Week for the tomato-basil cheese recipe.

I know there is a lot of interest in Miyoko's book. Sigrid in Portland sent this....


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