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Let Food Be Thy Medicine...

We have a new member of our growing circle, Kerstin in Stockholm, Sweden. Welcome, Kerstin! She is adding a new country for us. Just imagine----when any of us reads this email, we are doing so along with 113 like-minded cooks in 9 countries: Germany, Japan, USA, Ireland, Canada, Argentina, Singapore, Australia, and now Sweden. What a remarkable 5-continent potluck we are having!

Risotto Calisthenics

We have a new member joining our circle, Lynn R. here in Portland. Welcome, Lynn!

I have a recipe for you from Christel in Germany, who takes such beautiful food photos. This is her Oil-free Mustard Salad Dressing (did she get that table just to show it off?) Oil-free Mustard Salad Dressing

I heard from Kris Giovanini in Colorado this week. She is a friend of Justina and Glenn who have sent us....

Waking up the Home page

First, a warm welcome to George H. who is joining our email circle from Pennsylvania. He is our fourth Pennsylvanian and the 112th cook to join us.

This week's new recipe is Kidney Bean Loaf from Christel in Germany. The photo is mine and it is now apparent that I need a flat, rectangular plate! I hadn't made a loaf in a long time but ....

How about a bowl of soup?

With the days of holiday treats behind us, it feels like time to get back to basics. Here is a soup sent in by Mary in Michigan called Dominican Chapea Stew. Mary says this dish "consists of a lot of ordinary vegetables with rice, no fancy seasonings. I worried that it might be boring and need spicing up. But those ordinary vegetables came together magically. ... I think the avocado garnish is important."
Dominican Chapea Vegetable Stew

A grab bag of ideas

I asked and I received----here are a couple of unusual recipes for your holiday season, first from Christel in Germany:
Dear Eve, dear all,
here is a recipe for no-bake-damn good ( !!!! ) cookies from Rip Esselstyns newest cookbook "My Beef With Meat". Rip's sister Jane is the responsible for this wonderful recipe. I made these cookies several times and love them.
Happy Christmas


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