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Lyn's Thanksgiving Roast


Ten Talents, Frank and Rosalie Hurd

This recipe from an old Seventh Day Adventist vegan cookbook makes enough for a large family. I usually freeze a few loaves because it tastes really good after freezing also.----Lyn


710 ml 3C cooked lentils
710 ml3C cooked millet
710 ml3C cooked brown rice
240 ml1C sourdough bread crumbs (3 slices, heels are extra good and I pack the cups)
120 ml1/2C cornmeal
120 ml1/2C chopped walnuts
59 ml1/4C oil (canola or safflower is what I have used)
3Tbs onion pwd
1Tbs sage (heaping)
salt to taste and garlic pwd optional
470 ml2C finely chopped gluten (optional)*


Mix well, add more breadcrumbs or water to make stiff. Place into oiled bread pans and bake at 350 for 1 hour.
Serve with favorite gravy.
After baking, cover with towel to keep moist.


* I have made it both ways and like it for myself without gluten but I think other people like it with the gluten. It is more meat-like and satisfying somehow. e meat like and satisfying somehow. Check the date on the gluten and make sure is is fresh and softish, not too dry.

Tips: be sure the rice and millet are not too dry. 2&1/3 pt water to 1 of rice is good cooked for about 55 min. and I use organic short grain rice. The millet is 4 to 1 cooked for 50-60 min The gravy I like is" Hain vegetarian Chicken Flavored Gravy Mix". It does not have pepper in it which I like and the flavor is really good with the loaf and cranberry sauce.