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Green Smoothie


adapted by Eve from Green for Life, Boutenko

A refreshing and oh-so-healthy beverage that we enjoy almost every day!


spinach leaves, rinsed, about 3 cups of loose leaves
one pear, rinsed, cored, cut into chunks
one apple, also in chunks
one orange, peeled, seeded, in chunks
470 ml2 c. juice and/or water (I usually use 1 c. apple cider and 1 c. water)


Combine all ingredients in a blender.


This recipe is almost infinitely variable. For greens, I use carrot tops, kale, chard, turnip greens, or plantain leaves. For fruit, I use whatever is closest to local, the above being our usual combination in the winter. In summer we use berries, peaches, grapes--whatever is on hand. I try to keep the proportion of loose greens to fruit about equal, approximately 3 cups of each. Enjoy!

Major Ingredients: 


Thanks for this, Eve. I'm surprised to read that you use carrot tops for your greens. When I buy carrots at the farmers market, I always ask the vendor to take off the carrot tops. They add 'em to their compost pile, which, alas, I don't have. Why I've never tried using the tops, I don't know, but maybe I'll experiment. I did try a similar green smoothie with only kale (which I generally love), but found it not so great in the smoothie--something about the texture. Next time, I will mix the kale with milder spinach or chard. Probably wouldn't use carrot tops by themselves, either.

My first experiments with carrot tops were a bit stringy. Now I cut out the big stems and let the blender run a little longer and it seems fine. I like the fresh taste-- I understand why bunnies go for them!

I also cut out the stems of kale and I use a bit less than I do with other greens. If I'm too generous with it, it can be a touch bitter. If it gets bitter, I just add another piece of fruit.