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Garlicky Sesame-cured Broccoli Salad

"Here is a recipe that I tried from the newspaper a couple of weeks ago. I ate it for several days and it stayed interesting."---Mary

Major Ingredients: 

Oil-Free Italian Dressing

I always wondered how oil-free dressings at the store could act so much like the oil based kind. Now I know the secret.--Eve

Major Ingredients: 

Joe's Famous Chili Blend

"This is the simple recipe for the chili blend I keep in the fridge and apply to rice, tabouli, and any number of other things to which you may want to add bite. The bite can amount to a little nip, or a brain-searing chomp, depending on how much you use, what types of ingredients you use, whether it is really fresh or aged (fresh is much hotter) and whether it is cooked. Anyhow, use at your own risk...but I love the stuff and must go through a pint a month."--Joe

Major Ingredients: 
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