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We have two newcomers in our circle this week, Bret here in Portland and Maria in Salem, Oregon. Welcome Bret and Maria!

We also have two new recipes on our website. Those of us in Portland got to taste these at our summer potluck and can confirm they are good! Here is Diane's Gazpacho:
And here is Ruth's Brazilian Succotash:
Brazilian-Style Succotash

For the past year, I've been honored to be part of a small team called the Plant-Powered Earth Holders. We are all about helping people discover the plant-based path --the same goal as our Mindful Cooking project. I posted a note about the Plant-Powered Earth Holders on our Home page, with a link to a page on the Earth Holder website so you can see what our little team has been doing......Just above that note is an article by Marge in California (energetic leader of our Plant-Powered Earth Holder team!) on "The Joys of Plant-Centered Eating". ... I hope you'll take a look at both these posts, over on the left under Active Discussions.

Laura in California (who also happens to be on the Plant-Powered Earth Holders team) let me know of an excellent article on B12 --- why it's important, how modern hygiene deprives us of natural sources, why a supplement makes sense and how much to take. Thanks, Laura! Here it is:

The season has changed here in Oregon. Along with much-needed rain, we are getting cold weather which has me interested in oven dinners again. Does anybody have a good recipe to offer for these times?

Happy cooking,