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Tasty Chickpea Cheeseballs


Christel made it up

A simple, nutritious appetizer that was popular with Christel's family.


a small can of chickpeas ( rinsed and drained )
a handful of cashews and a small handful of walnuts
apple cider vinegar to taste
salt to taste
dried herbes de provence to taste

pumpkin seeds
dried cranberries


I put all the ingredients above in a blender, fitted with the S blade, and shredded everything until the consistency was dough-like, and then I formed little balls with this dough.

I separately shredded some pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries together ( not too fine ).

I rolled the „cheeseballs“ in the pumpkin—cranberry-mixture and put them on bamboo-skewers, together with pineapple-chunks.

Major Ingredients: