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Suzanne's Awesome Energy Orbs


Suzanne C.

Suzanne brought these nutritious orbs to our Winter Potluck. They were so popular, most of them disappeared before I could get a photo!


470 ml 2 c. almond butter
240 ml1 c. vegan protein powder *
240 ml1 c. raisins
240 ml1 c. walnuts
240 ml1 c. gluten-free cereal (I used buckwheat flakes)
240 ml1 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips

shredded coconut


Mix ingredients except coconut with enough water to hold it together. Roll in shredded coconut.


*I used a sprouted vegan protein powder--but I also like Spiritein Protein powder, which is pea protein, rice, and something else, as well as spirulina.

Major Ingredients: