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Soy-yoghurt Cream Cheese


Christel, who found it in a blog

Here is a very easy recipe for soy-yoghurt-cream cheese. I found it in the German vegan blog " ...schlemmen ohne muh und mäh" ( "...gourmandize without muh and mäh" ). Muh and mäh are the German expressions for cows and sheep voices.

Here is the source, with a photo of another serving suggestion:


500 g 500 g (about 2 cups) soy-yoghurt

fresh herbs, e.g. chives, basil, parsley
lemon juice


Just put the soy-yoghurt into a filter ( for instance an unused coffee-filter ) covered with coffee-filter-paper and...
filter it, for instance overnight, means just leave it there in the filter.
The result is a creamy cheese to use for sweet or unsweet recipes.
You can easily remove it from the filter paper.

I added some herbs from my balcony (chives, basil and italian parsley) and some salt.
Oh...some fresh lemon juice ( not much ) was added too.
For me: delicious!


This evening I enjoyed a salad with tomatoes, scallions and fresh herbs, sauce with olive-oil, salt and lemon-juice and
separate on the plate endive-leaves filled with the soy- cream-cheese above and some orange-pieces.
A little heaven.

Major Ingredients: