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Rice and Shine!


Joe made it up

"We eat a lot of rice around here, and because it bored me when I was a child (the Southern way was Uncle Ben's, with lots of butter and sugar) I add a little extra nowadays. Maybe you'd like to try this.. it makes rice and a vegetable a great meal all by themselves!"--Joe


240 ml 1 cup basmati rice
one cube vegetable bouillon dissolved in 2 c. water
15 ml1 T. olive oil
fish oil* or salt to taste
a sprinkle of Japanese seaweed rice flavoring


Combine all ingredients in a rice cooker, plug in and let it do its thing, or cook on the stove, covered, simmering for about 40 minutes.


Fish oil---this is ubiquitous in Asia, and obviously some will not want to use it because it is anchovy extract, but I don't recall a table without it in Thailand, where it's called Nam Pla, Vietnam, where it is Nuoc Maam, or the Philippines, where it's patis.

Major Ingredients: