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My Favorite Pureed Bean Soup


Alison's variation of a soup from Laurel's Kitchen

A simple pureed bean soup made with sprouted beans, either black or white.


• 1½ cups dried black beans or white beans
• Water as needed
• 1 tsp papain extract
• Garlic
• Bay leaf
• 1 tsp oregano for black beans – (optional with white beans)
• Juice of ½ lemon or more, to taste
• 1 T bouillon concentrate – (use to taste)
• Olive oil to taste


1. I soak beans w/water to cover for 8 hours - preferably with papain extract, which breaks down some of the hard to digest proteins. I do find beans more digestible when I do this. It can be ordered in bulk from Amazon.

2. I then treat the soaked and drained beans as if I'm sprouting them, (rinsing them 2-3 times a day) for a few days or until sprouts just appear, if that happens earlier.

3. I then cook them until soft in a pressure cooker with water to cover for about 45 minutes, along w/ several cloves of garlic & a bay leaf.

4. Once they've cooled enough to blend, I add concentrated organic chicken bouillon. (For a vegan version, try vegetable bouillon.)

5. Next the beans are pureed with an immersion blender or in batches in a standard blender. Once blended I add lemon juice to taste.Sometimes I add additional herbs like oregano or herbs de Provence. I believe thyme is good for stomach upset, as is ginger, of course.

6. I drizzle olive oil over it before eating it.

Major Ingredients: