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Linda's Quick Chocolate Pudding


Linda H. made it up!

Have I told you about my chocolate "pudding", which is just chocolate chips, water, wheat germ, and ground flax seeds? I have it almost every day after lunch.... how decadent is that? ---Linda Hendrickson


For one serving:

30 ml2 T dark chocolate chips
120 ml1/2 cup water
15 ml1 T wheat germ
15 ml1 T ground flax seeds


Put chocolate chips in a small glass bowl (I use a rice bowl). Add
water and microwave 55 seconds. Time may vary, depending on your
microwave -- the water needs to be just hot enough to melt the chocolate chips.

Add wheat germ, stir thoroughly. You can let it sit for a minute, to
let the wheat germ absorb some of the liquid. Add ground flax seeds
and stir thoroughly again. Consume immediately, unless you prefer
the mucilaginous texture that develops when ground flax seeds soak in liquid!

You can alter the proportions to your taste, and can add nuts, seeds,
coconut flakes, chopped or dried fruits, etc.

Major Ingredients: