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Kale Bruschetta


Rice Diet Solution, Kitty Rosati-----served to me by Peter Heidtmann

An easy, tasty way to get your greens!


4 garlic cloves, sliced
1890 ml8 c. kale, rinsed and chopped but not dried
red pepper flakes, 1-2 pinches

4 slices Italian bread
59 ml1/4 c. vegan parmesan Walnut Parm


Saute garlic slices. Add kale and red pepper and stir. Cover pan to allow kale to cook until soft, about 12 minutes.

Toast bread and rub with raw garlic. Top with a large spoonful of kale and sprinkle with parmesan.


Next time I'll chop the kale smaller so we won't drag out long stringy pieces with our teeth.

Major Ingredients: