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What can I do with green tomatoes?

Heather D. is joining us from Longview, WA. She's doing the Veg Challenge through NWVEG with our own Linda in Portland as her mentor. Welcome, Heather, and good luck with the Challenge. There are 215 of us now, cheering you on!

In my last letter, I asked for recipes for this cold weather season and was delighted to hear from Alice R. in NYC who shared a potpie recipe and a note about the retreat at Blue Cliff:
So many delicious recipes in each email. And Plant-Powered Earthholders sounds great! Your mention of the cooler weather inspired me to participate.
Source: The (Portland-based!) Minimalist Baker: Thyme & White Bean Pot Pies:
I have enjoyed this several times and always made it in a pie pan--works great! Very easy, although some people might find this more of a weekend recipe -- takes about an hour. A little decadent, but not too bad. perhaps you know this site? Minimalist Baker is not strictly a vegan blog, although every recipe I've ever seen there is plant-based--the only kind I use. I can vouch for every recipe I've tried from the site.

on a personal note, I had seen someone else's comment here recently about attending the 2017 North American retreat at blue cliff monastery and being inspired by the wonderful food. I, too, was there, and it was so nice to see so many people happily discovering the deliciousness.

We have the recipe on our site now, with Alice's photo:
Thyme & White Bean Pot Pie(s)

We also have a new article from the Earth Holders on our Home page, under Active Discussions. If you like cheese, I hope you'll take a look at Cheeze Pleeze, an article put together by our own Laura in California.

On our Plant Pure page, we have a new post from Linda about an opportunity to help spread the word about plant-based eating as a way to counter climate change. I hope more of us will register and make use of the forum we have there -- we could hear from each other faster, without having to wait for me:

Here's a question for you: what can I do with my green tomatoes? I'm ready to concede that they aren't going to ripen this late in late October!

With thanks to Christel in Germany for sending it, I'll end with this 1-minute video of Thay sharing a special moment with a little girl. For me, this is a gentle reminder that we are doing what we do for him, and for the world's children:

Happy cooking,