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Veggie Dharma and a cookie question

We have a new member of our circle, Terenja Wright in Southampton, England. Welcome, Terenja!

This week's new recipe is Sweet and Sour Carrots with Parsnips, with thanks to Ruth who brought this tasty dish to our Fall Potluck:
Sweet and Sour Carrots with Parsnips

Maybe you remember that our last email message came from Chris in Bristol, UK, our first "guest" writer. Here are a couple of responses to that innovation and the links in that letter:
Loved this new idea of different voices. Chris’s email certainly followed in your footsteps, Eve. I’ll try to make the pumpkin hummus sometime.----Catherine in Sarasota, FL

I enjoyed the voice of Chris in Bristol. I especially enjoyed the voice of Thich Nhat Thanh. The man also who talked about the sun.
Mary in Ann Arbor, MI

I was delighted, too, to read a message not written by me, and such an interesting one at that! Thanks, Chris. I wonder who would like to go next? It's easy --- I send you a recipe and whatever messages have come to me -- you weave it together in your own words, telling us something about you and where you are on the planet, and adding whatever is on your mind about food. It helps me out and it''s a great way to get to know each other a little better. Do let me know if you are willing.

Trish in Gabriola Island, BC, sent an 8-minute video of a Buddhist monk speaking on "Veggie Dharma -- Why eat a plant-based diet?" He comes at the subject from a new angle, pointing out that killing an animal primes us for violence: he quotes a Chinese Buddhist poem that reads, to find the "cause of conflict, terror, hate and war, Listen to the cries at midnight by the butcher's door". He goes on to connect also to the teachings on interdependence and the idea that all fathers have been my father, all mothers have been my mother. To kill an animal is to kill my parents. Very interesting. Thanks, Trish.

Marc in Merrick, NY, wrote in with a question: In a few weeks our sangha bakes trays of vegan cookies and delivers them to the monastic community at Blue Cliff. Can you share some vegan cookie recipes that always bring smiles. please.

I pointed him to a number of recipes on our website but wonder if all of you have other mouth-watering cookie recipes to offer? Just send them to me and I'll send them on. I'm imagining all those smiling faces at Blue Cliff ....

Linda in Portland has offered a number of posts on our PlantPurePod page recently --- including one about professional basketball players going plant-based --- another with a short video of women making Armenian flatbread -- done with a flourish:

Everyone is welcome to post on our PPP page --- we would be glad to see your responses to what's there as well as see whatever news or recipes or thoughts you have to offer. Please don't be shy!

Happy cooking,