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Oil-free cooking and comfy shoes

Hello Everyone,

Chen Hanquan is joining our email circle from Singapore, our second member from this unique city-state. Welcome, Chen Hanquan!

This week's new recipe is a delicious new soup I found in Veg News. This Chickpea Noodle Soup is made with miso, a "fermented whole soy food" that's highly recommended by Dr. Michael Greger, author of How Not to Die (turn to p.280 for a lot of interesting information about miso.)
Chickpea Noodle Soup

We have a thoughtful message from Bev in California this time:
Hi Eve,
I notice that your recipes are mostly whole foods, but not entirely. What I am referring to is the oil in many recipes. Oil is a refined product like sugar and white flour. Many recipes can be made with broth or water for "sauté-ing - braising might be a better term. In any event, onions, when cooked slowly can come out brown and a bit carmelized with just a bit of water added when the pot gets dry. Caldwell Esselstyn and others support this way of cooking as healthier than cooking with oil.

I will try to look up some recipes and send them to you. (I hardly ever use recipes anymore - I just throw whatever I have in a steamer or wok and hope for the best!) ??

Thanks for your lovely messages and interesting recipes.

Bev in rainy Sonoma County north of San Francisco

Thanks for the tip, Bev, and for the cheerful rainbow!

In my last email, I passed along the link Betsy sent to the "nae" website that features clothing made without animal products. Ashwani in Illinois responded with more ideas along that line (along with appreciation for Regan the Vegan, the punster):

Hello Eve! Great to hear from you. I am now turning to my clothes and instead of learher shoes I just wear my Crocs cloth shoes every day. They are breathable and comfy and I get many admirers among my patients. ... The photo is similar to the one I have. I received a new wallet for my birthday from my mother in law ... a nonleather one made by Kenneth Cole. .... I was surprised and found many nonleather bags and belts also that look stylish and like the real thing from the same company. It’s labeled faux suede, faux leather, or “man made materials”. My goal is to replace gradually my animal products that I wear with nonanimal ones, and when my car is 10 years I plan to replace it too. I found Honda offers models with excellent options with nonleather interiors and without leather shifters and knobs. This is why they are popular among Jains. I know I am not perfect and I will still own some of the animal products but I am going to strive for simplicity and do my best not to purchase anything in the future made with animals. Regan is so funny by the way! I have seen that one. --Ashwani

Thanks, Ashwani --- I'll keep an eye out for those Crocs.

One last news item: our Linda Watson, a member of the Earth Holder Sangha, is offering a 21-day online retreat on How to Go Vegan --- at a bargain price, only $9.95. It starts in June and looks good. While you are looking over that retreat, you might also like to look around at Linda's colorful website, called Cook for Good:

Happy cooking,

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