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The mango question books and a conference

Hello Mindful Cooks,

Our new recipe this time comes from Susan here in Portland who created this amazing orange-mango-banana Sunshine Smoothie, inspired by a recipe in the New York Times:
Sunshine Smoothie

She has got me started on mangoes and now I'm asking, what is the best way to get into this juicy wonder? Is there a way that doesn't spread juice all over the face and hands, or is that just part of the fun? And does anyone have advice on choosing one at the store -- not too green, not too ripe? Just let me know.

Last time you may remember I sent a list of resources for cooking with and for kids.
George in Pennsylvania sent this response:

Thanks for this great post, especially about how to prepare plant-based foods for children. My 9 year old grandson lives with me, and he and I are definitely going to benefit from your information.
We have our local retreat this weekend ---- everyone there will get to taste your Prune Truffles! ? Thanks again for your efforts to kept us and the Planet healthy. ?

(Special note here: I have a grandchild now too, two days old! There is only one item on her menu at this point, but I'll be ready when she diversifies. -- Eve)

I just heard from Betsy in California who offers a couple of book suggestions:

Just found 2 vegan cookbooks at my local library:
Vegan Cheese by Jules Aron. Nice easy to make vegan cheeses from using rejuvejac to just a few ingredients. Some can be eaten the same day!
The other title is The Vegan Way by Jackie Day. She gives a good summary of how to make the transition from eating meat to a more healthful plant based diet. Also has lots of links to many of the websites we already know about.
Also just read that a vegan grocery store opened up in Towanda NY!
Happy reading and eating. betsy

One more item: Christel in Germany sent this notice of an international conference of Buddhist women in Australia happening in June of next year. I wonder if plant-based cooking will be happening there... Even if there is no chance you are going, you might like to take in the stunning photo on the flyer:

Happy cooking,