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Cookies and more cookies

We have a new member joining our email circle, Marc S in Boca Raton, Florida. Welcome, Marc!

Last time I asked for "cookie recipes that always bring smiles" for our other Marc in Merrick, NY, who is bringing treats to the monastics at Blue Cliff Monastery. Chris in Bristol was the first to jump in:
Hi Eve,
I have one recipe and one hello to give. Special hello to Terenja in Southampton - I may be a card-carrying Bristolian these days but I was born and grew up in Southampton so it's good to know Terenja's flying that flag.

My favourite cookie recipe is essentially this one, veganized with margarine/vegan butter:
It's so simple and endlessly adaptable - I've switched nuts and fruits, swapped one out for dark choc chips, used different flours, changed flavouring extracts and sugars... Perfect every time.
After Chris I heard from Christel, our friend in Germany:
Dear Eve,
here is my contribution for the cookie-tray-project aimed for Blue Cliff monastery.
Darshana Thacker from Forks Over Knives is such a wonderful chef and in my eyes excellent in creating delicious and at the same time easy to make recipes:

I made this recipe myself yesterday and can confirm they are delicious! I just posted it on our website with minor changes (I suggest a shorter baking time and plain almonds instead of slivered ones.)
Cherry Chocolate Chip Bliss Balls

Christel got going on this project and sent a link to a dozen more cookie recipes --- oh my!

Christel also shared tips from Happy Herbivore on what to eat when you're traveling --just click the link and scroll down:

I wish you all a good supply of cookies, wherever you are this holiday season. I hope Marc will give us a report on the outcome of the Blue Cliff cookie project!

Happy cooking,