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Of cheeses and the Coumadin question

First, a warm welcome to Kimella Hilliard in Saanichton, BC, Canada! Kimella learned about our project through the potluck article on the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation Website. She says, " As I am transitioning to a more plant based diet, I was excited to find a resource that supports my practice and inspires my creative juices to healthier eating. Thank you for adding me to your circle.
A bow and a smile, Kimella

I have two new recipes this time, both from our Spring Potluck in Portland. First is Linda's tasty Breakfast Cauliflower Scramble, that works just as well for supper:
Breakfast Cauliflower Scramble

Here is the Sweet Potato Tikka Masala I made by combining two recipes. Mary in Michigan sent a recipe that called for bottled sauce. I looked at the bottles in our grocery store and found that Tikka Masala sauce typically includes dairy products. I found a vegan sauce recipe online and used that instead --- easy and delicious!
Sweet Potato Tikka Masala

You may remember that Betsy suggested a new cheese book and Bev cautioned us about the salt and oil in vegan cheeses. Betsy responded,
Yes I do know that vegan cheeze can be loaded with fat and salt although I think it's ok as a nice treat in place of the regular stuff that is sold right now.

I got curious and checked the book out of the library: "Vegan Cheese" by Jules Aron. I haven't made any of the recipes but was surprised to find several that were oil free, nut free and quite original --- imagine a "Spicy Queso Sauce with Quinoa, Sweet Potato and Corn" --- it almost sounds like a complete meal. The only source of oil would be in the two spoonfuls of flaxseeds. It does call for salt but if I make it myself I can control that -- a big advantage over store-bought cheese.

Betsy also sent her own recipe for homemade cheese:
My simple version of a nice cheese is just some cashews soaked and drained, nutritional yeast, pinch of salt and garlic powder, lemon juice all blended in the vitamix until silky. I then remove and stir in some optional items like black olives, sun dried tomatoes,etc. One of her recipes is very similar to mine.

On another subject, I recently heard from Surya in Arizona who pointed out that people on Coumadin/Warfarin must limit their intake of greens. I learned that greens contain vitamin K which coagulates the blood and counteracts the medication. So now I wonder --- do others have experience with this diet? Do any of us have recipes to offer that include no green vegetables? Please do send them in.

Happy cooking,