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Garlic-Herb Aioli

Susan created this flavorful dip for our summer potluck. "I bought all the vegetables at the farmers' market and steamed them ahead if time. You can choose whatever looks good. This recipe at first seems simple, but putting it all together is actually quite time consuming----best if you prepare the vegetables the day before and the garlic aioli the next". ---Susan

Major Ingredients: 

Silken-Tofu Sour Cream

An easy sour cream.

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Chocolate Silk Pie

Probably around 25 years ago, I went on a tour of Celestial Seasonings Tea company with the Vegetarian Society of Colorado. After the tour, we stayed for lunch in the cafeteria... I sat next to a woman that I’ve never seen since, and she gave me the recipe. I changed the original honey to maple syrup after going vegan in 1990, but otherwise, it is much the same as she told me, and as I scribbled on the back of some scrap of paper. It is the easiest, quickest, no bake recipe that you will ever find, and everyone loves it – unless they just don’t like chocolate (hard to believe, right?) ;-) Years later, I starting seeing various versions of it in ads for tofu. And, it is low fat and high protein – things that everyone seems to want nowadays (although people get overly concerned about the protein part!)

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Mushroom Stroganoff

Here's another quick & easy supper. I copied it from a friend's cookbook while visiting in California years ago. I don't remember the book title but the author was Dr. John McDougall. --Eve

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