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Hi everybody---here's our place to talk about whatever. I'd love to hear from you.---Eve

Hi, Everyone: Am now reading the above named book by Rowan Jac obsen. It is a complete story about the bees . . and their current collapse (CCD) . . . .including all the theories, studies, etc. IT IS FASCINATING for all . . .and for us interested in food and what is happening to our agriculture. I am half way through the book. If someone else has read . . .or will/does read it and wants to share their thoughts, I would be glad to hear them!

I'm reading it now too. The account of life inside the hive is astonishing. There is a whole intricate little world in there. Now I'm starting to read about the mystery of the collapse of that world. The attempts to solve the mystery are fascinating too. The implications for the future of food are worrisome.

A friend gave my son a half-full jar of Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste. Now we are wondering what to do with it. I'm only familiar with powdered curry blends. Any ideas for using the paste?

Bob's Red Mill in Milwaukie
Folks, I've been meaning to stop by this place since I first saw it,
long ago. Today, a friend and I had breakfast there and browsed the
product shelves some.

The menu is traditional "hearty American fare," not a vegetarian's
dream, but on their shelves, they have a wonderful selection of grains,
flours, meals (i.e. corn meal, not a meal-meal) and bins of things like
various beans, curry lentil soup, cereals, all that stuff. It all
appears to be very high quality, and while they were too busy to bug
with questions, I expect most of it is sourced as locally as possible.
Highly recommend you take a look; it's beside Hwy. 224 in Milwaukie.--Joe

good cookblog--Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
I use and enjoy "The Fat Free Vegan Kitchen,", written
by Susan V, a woman in Jackson, Mississippi. Her recipes are excellent
(she strives for no- or low-fat but occasionally offers something a bit
richer). I go through periods of making her dishes almost daily. She is very
creative, often taking non-vegan recipes and telling her readers the various steps
she went through to adapt them. Besides Susan's recipes, I enjoy her
particular slant on life--which seems to focus on her pre-teen daughter and husband
and their cats. She illustrates the blog with very nice pictures of food and
occasionally of her family. ----Susan B.

Of course there are millions of things to do with zucchini. Fat Free
Vegan Kitchen recently posted Zucchini Muffins with Cinnamon-Crumb
Topping, which sound good, though I haven't tried them.
But my favorite idea involves purchasing a spiralizer. I found one on
Amazon--I think it cost about $35. My inspiration was Jennifer
Kornbleet, the raw cookbook author. In her demo at last year's Vegfest,
she processed a zuke with her spirilizer to make live "spaghetti." A
spirilizer was also central to Blossoming Lotus's Pad Thai
demonstration. This hand-cranked device has three blades for different
effects, and with a bit of imagination, you can create all kinds of
interesting live food forms--it's fun.
And re: Bob's Red Mill--it is a great place to visit and shop. I took
two bread-making classes there a while back. They have an interesting
selection of kitchen equipment too. I have never eaten at their counter,
but I thought the menu had at least one vegan option.
Susan B.