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Asian sauce for noodles?

I have a request: who has a good wet-noodle sauce that is simple? It could be a brown sauce, or an oyster sauce, my bet. If someone has a tasty, simple asian sauce for seasoning wet noodle dishes, we'd like to hear of it.

Around SE Asia, many folks use a rice- or coconut-vinegar-based variety of sauces. They are applied to both rice and noodle dishes.

They contain chopped onion, garlic, tomatoes, and those tiny "Thai" chilies most frequently, in varying ratios to taste. Because the vinegar pickles the veggies, they last till you eat them but that's usually not very long.

Sometimes, it is a ketchup-type bottle full of vinegar with some garlic and chilies dropped in; they seem to be on every restaurant table in some places. You sprinkle the seasoned vinegar on your noodles or rice, and often people fish some chilies out to add more fire. Or, you have a shallow dish with fresh chilies to which you add vinegar, then chop the chilies to manageable nips and sprinkle the whole thing. (My face is flushing from intense chili memories, just typing this!) Not infrequently, a restaurant will have a chili bush growing right on site. Believe me, the live-er they are, the live-er they feel going down and through.

Sometimes, this is a pint-whiskey shaped bottle stuffed with chilies, with vinegar poured around them. Once, accompanying some Kalinga tribesmen to Manila with the man who is now Vice President of the Philippines, I watched one of the warriors dump all the chilies out and eat them one by one, when timid waiters in a wayside restaurant were too slow serving our main course.

People also make up bowls of chopped onions, garlic, tomatoes and chilies in the vinegar which are more like garnishes; you dip up spoonsful and dump them over everything. I make this one up and keep a covered dish of it in the fridge much of the time, use it on all kinds of carbohydrate dishes. For those who might eat duck eggs, and I realize this is not exactly THAT crowd, Filipinos break up the red, salted eggs you can find in Asian markets in this and make it an entree. Back when I ate such things, the salted egg/vinegar/etc. mixture was delicious.