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Basic Pie Crust (GF)


Scatter Vegan Sweets, Wendy Gabbe Day-- with changes by Eve

A delicious gluten-free crust for a sweet pie.


One 9-inch crust:
180 ml3/4 c. brown rice flour
59 ml1/4 c. flaxseed meal
1 ml1/4 tsp. salt

120 ml1/2 c. almonds (or other nuts)
59 ml1/4 c. maple syrup
44 ml3 T. water
5 ml1 tsp. vanilla

Double 9-inch crust:
Use twice the amounts above.


Preheat oven to 350 F.
Lightly oil a 9-inch pie plate.*
In a bowl, combine the first 3 dry ingredients.
In a blender or processor, process the almonds into a coarse flour. (sticking together is okay.)
Add the remaining wet ingredients and blend until smooth.
Pour the blended ingredients into the dry ones and mix thoroughly. Form into a flattened ball.

Cut two square sheets of waxed paper and spread a drop of oil all around on each sheet.
Roll the dough between the oiled sheets. Peel off the top sheet and carefully turn the crust over onto the pie plate. Peel off the other sheet.
Shape the edge of the dough and pre-bake 15-20 minutes. Let it cool a few minutes before filling.

For a double-crust pie, there is no need to pre-bake. Fill the bottom crust, then roll out the top crust and drape it over, pinching the edges to seal.


*Unlike traditional pie dough,this is oil-free and it will stick to the pan if you skip this step. (I found out the hard way :-)

Major Ingredients: