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Sigrid's potato and giraffe poems

Sigrid brought her special potato salad to our summer potluck and found this wonderful poem in praise of potatoes to go with it ---- and then a poem about a long-necked vegetarian for a poetic dessert:

My Vegetarian Love Vegetarian-Love- by-NChemy

Hidden in darkness
my love
nurtured with softness
an amazing treasure
no one can resist you
or deny you my queen
be it a millionaire or a beggar
yes you truly are so yummy
my potato!
we never have a dull moment
you are always full of ideas
fried, baked, grilled, boiled the list goes on
you are so magical
mysterious temptations
irresistible desires
no one can ever replace you
I love you my potato!

Plain living and “high” thinking! The Giraffe! living-and- -high- -thinking- -by- Dr-Asghar- Nazeer

The angelic children love to watch me closely, as like them I am as innocent as a
However some scholarly scrabble wizard zoologists have named me quaintly a
I am simply a modest vegetarian, who feels contented when just on acacia
leaves I get fed,
I am tall enough to reach high up on the trees and have a long neck for sticking
out my head,
I have too many patchy brown spots on my skin that you cannot count without
But there’s one thing you can learn from my lifestyle; it’s plain living and “high”